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The Caribbean Chamber of Commerce is committed to establishing a collective voice within the Caribbean community; representing their interests to local, state & federal decision makers. The CCC offers services to strengthen businesses, encourage legislative that benefits the community and initiate programs to develop a talented workforce. The Chamber is dedicated to creating economic opportunities, sustainable businesses and an enhanced quality of life for our community.

Chamber's principle focus are Commerce, Community and Education.

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Business Development

Facilitates the growth of emerging businesses by providing developmental support, access to capital, business operations and management. We provide the tools needed to build a viable, sustainable and profitable business.

Strategic Planning

  • Prepare a business plan

  • Legal aspects of doing business and staying compliant

  • Expansion planning and becoming scalable

  • Loan packaging and referrals



Facilitates trade missions to the Caribbean region and other international venues. CCC serves as a house for Caribbean trade and investment opportunities.


Business Coaching

  • Growing and prospering

  • Accessing small business financing

  • Business counseling

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Provides the opportunity for CCC members to network in a structured and instructed format. Allowing them to share and celebrate their business & community successes/lessons learned. These networking opportunities provide a venue that enables the formation of business relationships.


Legislative Advocacy

Provides government a single point of contact for Caribbean community relations & affairs. CCC ensures that the Caribbean businesses have a voice in City Hall and within the Federal Government.


Host Government Officials

Convener of meetings for Caribbean Heads of State, trade and investment delegations, executives and government officials on visits to Texas.


Ribbon Cutting

Presides over grand openings or restructuring/ relaunch of businesses.

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Works in partnership with area public schools, training institutions and local government to bring solutions to our long-term education and workforce development challenges.



Sponsors business education seminars to address the needs of businesses at every level. These seminars are available in all areas of business operation, including organization and financial operations.

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